Hallo liebe Leute

"Hello dear People '' my name is Liam Messer or as this website is called Das Messer which means "the knife" in German.  I'm a California resident taking classes at my local community college El Camino.  I have an associate's degree in studio arts and I enjoy making ceramics, paintings, and digital art.  I'm Swiss, my last name translates to knife, and I work with a lot of different mediums.  So it was only natural that I made my logo a swiss army knife with art tools instaid of the typical swiss army knife tools. And the little face on it was just to reflect my style lol. 

Artist Statement

A basic theme throughout the majority of my work is Body horror as if it went through a meat grinder and was blasted with radiation to give it life.  I enjoy making people squirm by painting/sculpting disturbing things.  

A lot of my work contains body parts on inanimate objects. Or things usually exclusive to living things on non-living things

I created most of my work for college assignments and just took the creative liberty to add my personal touch to it. I enjoy getting a reaction out of people when they see my art as I think all great works of art should provoke emotion, be that good or bad.  I am inspired by H.R Giger and his Bio Mechanical nightmares. I Love Danny Elfman and his music/album covers/art that goes alongside his music, especially his newest album Bigger Messier and its predecessor. Lastly I am inspired by doooo_cds and his ridiculously realistic inanimate object + Human hybrids, especially the human Dice.